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Join STEM Leadership Alliance, Kelli List Wells, Maria Spina of PSE&G and special guests David Barnes, Associate Executive Director for Research, Learning and Development of the National Council of Mathematics (NCTM) and Melissa Cail, Education Specialist for NBC News Learn for our January LIVE Webinar.

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Dr. David Barnes leads the Research, Learning and Development division of NCTM which includes the design and development of NCTM’s Professional Development offerings, the Research Conference, the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, and NCTM’s Linking Research and Practice initiative.

Melissa Cail has trained educators across the country on using media to increase student engagement and critical thinking. She has also developed curriculum materials in partnership with some of the nation’s largest school districts. Prior to joining NBC, Melissa was a middle school Language Arts teacher in New York City.

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During this session you will learn:

Math and Integrated STEM:  It’s More than Counting, Measuring and Histograms.

Ever thought that the M in STEM was silent?  And what does that mean for STEM learning for students and teachers?  Integrated STEM provides a framework to create and engage in learning that values each of the disciplines, including mathematics, and also is beneficial for students.  Learn about Integrated STEM and activities which were developed collaboratively across the STEM field to engage students in mathematics in concert with science, technology, and engineering.

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