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Young Teacher

After the extraordinary efforts of teachers and schools to provide “emergency learning” to your students this spring, we hope you have a restful break once the school year ends!  By July-August you may be itching to prepare for the new school year with new tools and plans to handle any situation.

Data Science Careers

Data science ranks among the nation’s most lucrative careers because most companies must use data to inform real-world decisions. As a result, individuals who may be interested in this field need the most comprehensive, up-to-date information they can get. has developed the below guide to meet this need, each focusing on core development areas for the career path, job outlook, and financial aid options.

Data Science Career Guide

Computer Science Scholarship

Cybersecurity Careers

With the continued growth and rapid change in the technology landscape and its effect on how we live and work, the job market also continues to change.  Data shows there are now approximately 4.4 billion active internet users all around the globe; accounting for almost 58% of the total global population.  With that, the cybersecurity field is growing at a faster rate than any other occupation. Yet, according to Cybercrime magazine, 2019 showed there were 3.5 million unfilled Cybersecurity jobs compared to 2014 where there were 1 million unfilled Cybersecurity jobs. Cybersecurity is male dominant but the problem isn’t that there are too many men in the industry but rather not enough women, yet what are the challenges women face breaking into the field.

Issues related to cybersecurity threaten to destabilize the internet and related technologies, causing ripple effects throughout other industries. To combat this, there is an ever-increasing need for educated, talented, and enthusiastic cybersecurity professionals.

Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts are business professionals that must have a strong grasp of mathematical and statistical models with STEM skills. The centre of this job is problem-solving. Operations Research Analysts use this knowledge to analyze data and give advice that will improve the efficiency of their place of employment. A bachelor’s degree is the standard education for professionals in this field.

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Pilots may work as airline pilots or commercial pilots. Airline pilots transport passengers or cargo on a schedule. Commercial pilots can be hired for a variety of tasks such as flying private clients to destinations, crop dusting or providing aerial tours.

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There are a lot of STEM Career options. To view more Click Here!

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