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STEM Leadership Alliance

Collaborating to Build the Workforce of the Future

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2024 Summit Information
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Save the dates for the Global STEM Leadership Alliance Summit 2024 - July 21-25!

Dive into the future of STEM education with a focus on AI in the classroom and CTE perspectives. 🌐💡 Here's what awaits you:

✨ Innovation in STEM Education 🔍 Cutting Edge AI Integration 🛠️ Interactive Workshops and Demos 🤝 Collaboration Opportunities 🌈 Diverse Perspectives from Education, Industry, and STEM Experts 🎓 Advancing the Classroom - CTE programs and the future of the workforce 🌍 Exploring STEM and AI education for diverse backgrounds and abilities



The STEM Leadership Alliance (SLA) is a collaboration of the major STEM organizations, education leaders and experts, colleges/universities, businesses, non-profits, and foundations. The STEM Leadership Alliance aims to disrupt and revolutionize STEM education through integration.

SLA is committed to bridging the gap between education and industry through advancing STEM experiences for both educators and students to address the business needs of the future.  As a result of these targeted efforts, the Alliance will collectively foster STEM integration in education that prepares preK-12 and post-secondary students with the critical skills needed to compete in a changing global economy. 


Too often, school systems across the country teach STEM subjects in silos. As a result, math and science are not coordinated with technology and engineering engagement activities and learning, and STEM is not integrated across subject areas.  SLA seeks to change this in a profound way.  Leveraging proven research and best practices, SLA will implement a disruptive model for STEM integration across the country.  SLA will support educators through professional development, assessing existing structures, and working with districts to build leadership capacity to connect integrated STEM to the needs of the current and future workforce.  By revolutionizing and supporting the way that integrated STEM is taught, the Alliance will advance its agenda of access and equity to prepare all students for success in the future.



The STEM Leadership Alliance aims to DISRUPT and revolutionize STEM education to shape tomorrow’s workforce.


The STEM Leadership Alliance supports schools and districts by building their capacity to increase the understanding and implementation of effective STEM education for all students in order to develop individuals who are prepared not just for college and career but also for lifelong learning and societal contributions. This is done by leveraging STEM experts including industry leaders, educators, non-profits organizations, and foundations to build a comprehensive understanding of the needs in the workforce for today and tomorrow.




Kelli List Wells

Founder & Executive Director

Sal (3).gif

Dr. Salvador Fernandez


Amber Bosman, Professional photo (2)_edited.jpg

Amber Bosman

Marketing & Communications Directors


Roy Harris

Professional & Product Development



Kelli List Wells

Founder & Executive Director

Barnes - Rec_edited.jpg

Dr. David Barnes

The Associate Executive Director for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Senior Mathematics Educator

ECA_pic2 (1).jpg

Lilibeth Aristorenas

Executive Director of Unilab Foundation

Business (18 x 18 in) (18 x 14 in).png

Dr. Stephen Pruitt

Southern Regional Education Board President

20180511_202104_2001 (1).jpg

Jeff Huart

New York State NAACP Conference, Director of Education Initiatives and Program


Dr. Albert Byers

Assistant Research Professor in STEM Education at Virginia Commonweath University in the School of Education

Untitled design (20).png

Steve Barbato

Senior Fellow at ITEEA (Retired CEO)

AIG Headshot (1)_edited.jpg

Angelica Infante-Green

Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education

Sheryl Lyn Monterola_Professional Headshot_US SLA (1).jpg

Dr. Sheryl Lynn Monterola

The Director of the National Institute of Science and Mathematics Education Development



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