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So You Think You’re Not A Numbers Person

Understanding numbers is essential, but until recently, we never really thought about how important understanding numbers were.  Think you’re not a numbers person?  Well think again.

There are many comparisons people make about numbers that are ludicrous. Such as, dollars stacked to the Washington Monument or how many dollar bills would it take to wrap about the world. We even referred to numbers from 6 to infinity as “lots”.  Instead, we should be thinking about a human scale to help people understand numbers and what it mean. If we can tell the story of numbers then we can make sense of number making those AHA moments which cause people to care and emotionally connect.

So how can we communicate and/or help others understand numbers?  New York Best-Selling Author Chip Heath’s latest book “Making Numbers Count” is a must read for teachers K-12 understand why numbers matter and lend ideas on how to better help their students understand numbers.  In his new book, Chip Heath outlines specific examples around numbers and presents it in a way that clicks making people say “Wow, now I get it”.  He uses specific principals such as 1) “Simple Perspective Cues”, by adding a simple comparison sentence doubled how users estimated statistics, 2) “Vividness” to help give perspective, 3) “Convert to Process” giving a sense of time and 4) “Emotional Measuring Sticks” by framing the number in a way that people already care about.


Chip Heath’s book “Making Numbers Count” is a must read for every educator. To request your copy you can send email to or complete the online request form HERE.

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