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Remote learning is a process that takes existing tools and resources in order to provide high-quality learning opportunities for students while they learn from home. However, the emphasis cannot just be placed on technology; it must also include rigorous content and the implementation of quality teaching and learning practices. Learn how one school has become an exemplar in remote learning and supporting the work to implement in other schools and districts.


Emmanuel Polanco is a product of bilingual education New York City Public Schools and has served numerous roles throughout New York City Department of Education.   Prior to his current role as Principal of Bronx Middles School 80 he held the positions of Dean, Math Coach, Programmer, Data Specialist, and Assistant Principal.  He turned around a failing school that was on its way to closure by creating a transformative 21st Century school focused on incorporating technology across all content areas.  He holds Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Nyack College, a Master’s in Teaching from PACE university, and a Master’s in Education from Columbia University.  

Middle School 80 is a 21st century school for the future leaders of the world. Located in Bronx, New York, this community has embraced the use of technology to transform teaching and learning because our world has already evolved and done the same. MS80 aims to personalize learning and create ample opportunities for students to develop the 21st Century skills needed to succeed in the careers of today and tomorrow. The hope is to nurture students’ creativity and innovation while equipping them with skills that will someday help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. MS 80 serves a diverse population of students, with over 85% low-income, 68% Hispanic, 13% Black, 12% Asian, 5% White, and 1% American Indian/Alaska Native. MS 80 has transformed teaching and learning through technology. The mission of MS80 is to empower students with 21st-century skills that prepare them for secondary education, careers in engineering, and the performing arts while cultivating a learning community that transforms teaching and learning through the integration of technology. Together as a team, they strive for excellence.

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