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Dr. Michael A. DiSpezio, science author and COVID-19 education expert

Dr. Michael A. DiSpezio, science author and COVID-19 education expert, presents an engaging, richly illustrated, and information-packed webinar in which he’ll address our current understanding of COVID-19.

As he surveys the science, spread, and therapies of the disease, he’ll profile specific opportunities for STEM educators. From experiences that explore exponential growth to the fundamentals of bioengineering nucleic acid vaccines, topics will be presented in a sophistication-friendly manner during which attendees will construct COVID-19 literacy as well as an appreciation of the opportunities for teaching related phenomena and topics. He’ll also address the latest findings in both treatment and vaccine technologies.

Michael Anthony Dispezio — An American author, television host and stage edutainment performer who specializes in science and science education. He is known for his quick wit and playful style. Along with infusing his performances with humor and theatrics, he often engages audiences in hands-on activities, puzzle solving and 3D illusions.

In addition to hosting over three dozen broadcasts of National GeographicJASON Project, DiSpezio has performed stage shows at the National Geographic Auditorium in Washington, D.C.. He has also performed onstage for the Discovery Channel as well as developing the Discovery Channel Camp at the Bahama’s resort Atlantis.

He is co-author of over sixty science textbooks that are used in the K-12 classroom. He has also authored several dozen tradebooks on various topics in science that range from critical thinking puzzles to HIV awareness. in 1998, his role as a member of the creative team of the television broadcast The Science of HIV/AIDS helped earn the Discovery Channel numerous awards including their first Emmy Award nomination.

In addition to his land-based global performances, Michael is also an enrichment edutainer aboard cruise ships. At sea, his style of audience engagement targets topics that range from the discovery of the Titanic to the Magic of 3D

Follow Dr. Michael DiSpezio on twitter @mdispezio

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